My name is Kelly Johnson., I have been a photographer and printer for 25 years.

On February 15, 2003 I attended my first anti-Iraq war rally. It changed my life forever. I had found my community.

My collection of images is my gift to the movement. We are the most beautiful and inspiring thing I have ever been part of. In 2007 and 2008 I started put my collection together and self-published two books, on, called “Visions of a Movement” and “Revelations”.


In 2008, I worked on Obama’s campaign for a year, and then invested another year working on healthcare reform. On October 8th 2011, I became a San Francisco Occupier and spent a year documenting my “#OccuFam” and the work we did together. I’m currently finishing “Bridge to a Movement (My year as a San Francisco #Occupier)” and looking for a publisher.

My work in 2013 has revolved around political actions and visiting and documenting “Intentional Communities” i.e. eco-villages and sustainable communes. I have also started documenting organizations who’s work in their respective communities inspires my interest. In 2013 I moved to Oakland, California to be closer to the heart of the movement.


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Kelly Johnson

Revolutionary Photography